In life there are some things that require a subtle shift in understanding, take for instance the concept of time.  In Africa, things fall into place as they unfold.  We understand that.  We also understand the nuance and various sensitivities around being wealthy and African.  With this in mind it seems a natural progression to include a bespoke African centric family office as part of our service offerings.  By applying sound and prudent investment financial practices and our market insight, we believe we can offer the modern, yet often traditional wealthy African client a tailored wealth creation solution that aligns with their individual needs because we believe our African culture is as much a generational heritage as the values upon which our family legacies are built.

It is widely known that South Africa boasts a robust financial services sector that is backed by sound regulatory and legal frameworks, is very sophisticated and ranks among some of the best names when reviewed against its global peers. Together with Summit Africa Mauritius who brings a global reach to the mix, we believe that Summit provides a unique home for African families.